Wimax: the new enemy of telecommunication companies?

Written on November 17, 2006 by José Esteves in Technology trends

Last week some telecommunication companies announced their results during 2005. After the presentation of its results, deutsch telecomm has just changed its CEO…Telefonica is doing quite well thanks to adsl connections, same with france telecom, but for long they may increase results because of adsl users?
After VOIP, i think that the next challenge to telecommunications revenue model, is Wimax technology. WiMAX (standardized in IEEE802.16) is a wireless standard for so-called “MAN” application, or Metropolitan Area Networks (an intere city). It complements Wi-FI (IEEE802.11) which is inteded for “LAN”, local area networks (your house or building). The main advantage of WIMAX would be a slightly bigger thruput, some feature of better control of traffic flowing, but mostly, the reach, which could go up to 50km. So WIMAX could be used to connect to the network when no local WIFI hot spot is available or to connect between them “islands” of WIFI, like for intance connecting a distant village to the nearby city.
Countries like China, have announced the investment on this kind of technology to provide Internet Access. Some latin america countries are also starting to experiment with wimax technology.
New companies such as Alvarion, one of the top players on wimax business are challeging the traditional telecommunications players. Thus, i think that in the near future we will start seeing big changes on these players, they need to adapt to survive…


Jose Miguel Fernandez November 24, 2006 - 11:12 am

In the contries and areas you mention I agree there will be a broad WiMax deployment but in Europe and United States I am not sure if the oposition against radiofrequency locations could stop site allocations.
Wimax has more RF power than WiFi and could be the enabler to some regulators to forbid the allocation of Wimax sites. There will be an spread use but not in the same degree of WiFi and not in a way to erode present players.
This is just an other point of view, not verified with market data, etc.

Arjan Sundardas January 4, 2007 - 12:39 pm

Dear Jose,
I disagree with you. Wimax, instead of an enemy for the telecoms industry, appears like an opportunity, as other in the past, like ADSL, VoIP, etc.
Telecom Operator must grow up the industry with new technologies and anticipating other markets entering the telecom (like software/IT).

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