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Mobile Myspace by Mahesh Pillai – GCMBA07 Alumn

What are the technology fads that are very popular among the youth today and can there be some way of integrating them into one product? Helio [1], a JV between EarthLink and Korea-based SK Telecom answered these questions by introducing Hero and the newer Kickflip cellphone models which integrate the immensely popular myspace.com [2] with mobile technology. The Helio phones are manufactured by Korean company VK Mobile and utilize Sprint’s high-speed EV-DO mobile network.
The Kickflip comes with a lot of multimedia features including a 2-megapixel camera with flash, a music player, voice recorder. Other extras include a TV-out port, a USB port, and Micro SD card slot allowing for availability of additional memory. It also has the usual text and multimedia messaging features. The most unique feature is of course its integration with myspace.com.
With existing mobile carriers, you can customize your myspace page to send you an SMS when you receive a new message from a friend on myspace. But, with the Helio Kickflip, you can almost do everything that you could do by accessing myspace from a computer. You can read your mail, post messages, search for new friends, respond to new friend requests and most importantly post photos to your myspace page directly from your phone. The only features not available are listening to music or watching videos from the site.
What with all these features, the Kickflip comes with a $200 price tag not including the monthly fees, which is a little high considering the fact that it is primarily targeted at the 16-25 age-group. Other features that are surprisingly missing are Bluetooth and instant messaging, which are very popular among the younger generation.
This is definitely a major step in online social networking becoming more mobile and popular. Helio will of course have to wait and see how this new offering catches on in the US.