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Google Mania by Mahesh Pillai – GCMBA07 Alumn

Written on October 18, 2006 by Guillermo Montes in Información y tecnología

The Mountain View, California based firm is in the news again, for the right reasons of course (unlike HP, which is based not very far from Mountain View). After its headline-hogging buyout of YouTube (, Google ( has announced that it has merged its online word processing tool Writely and online spreadsheet tool. The new combination will now be called Google Docs and Spreadsheets (not a very creative name I must say).
Online forums are abuzz with debates over whether this is a nail in Microsoft’s Office coffin. My thoughts are that while Microsoft might not see this as an immediate threat to its virtual monopoly over the office tools space, the long run will see Microsoft having to contend with strong competition from Google and others if it does not respond with an online option of its office suite.
Two other factors will weigh in on how this market shapes out for Google. First, the fact that Google’s word and spreadsheet applications have much less features compared to Word or Excel. This will make acceptance from medium to large business virtually impossible, since functionality will most likely be a higher factor than cost. For Small to Medium scaled businesses, Google is an enticing option given how expensive the Microsoft Office suite can get. The second factor is the competition in this field. SaaS applications like Zoho, Open Office , and Thinkfree are way ahead of Google’s word and spreadsheet applications in terms of the functionality they offer.
Analysts point out that Google should try to popularize their office products by making a full featured stand-alone version available. I doubt if Google will ever take that route, since it is not their business model. They are not a software company and they don’t make money by selling software. Advertising is what brings in their moolah and offline, stand-alone applications are certainly not a way of generating ad revenues.
Microsoft’s launch of its touted online office suite is a much awaited event and is sure to make things interesting. In the meantime, if using cool free office tools give you a high, be sure to check out


CrackBerry Pearl by Mahesh Pillai – GCMBA07 Alumn

Written on October 17, 2006 by Guillermo Montes in Información y tecnología

So what is all the talk about people getting addicted to their BlackBerry??
If rehab is the first thing that comes to mind, think again, the new BlackBerry Pearl will send you to email hell and you might actually enjoy it!
BlackBerry Pearl ( is the latest phone from the Canada based technology company Research in Motion (RIM ( At $199 (from T-Mobile (, this is phone worth owning for all the features that it offers. Users of the old BlackBerry will instantly notice the absence of the signature scroll wheel, which has been replaced by a trackball which is pretty intuitive and easy to use once you get the hang of it. That’s not all that has changed. Moving away from just catering to its typical business users, the Pearl has new multimedia features that are designed to attract hipper style conscious users.
Weighing a wispy 3.2 ounces and a half an inch thick, the Pearl has new multimedia features that include a 1.3 megapixel camera, iTunes enabled mp3 player, MPEG video player, microSD card slot in addition to the 64MB flash memory. This adds to the other features of Web browsing, Email, and Organizer. An impressive feature is support for Google Maps.
If you are one of the 5 million users who like to be seen scrolling through messages on their BlackBerry’s and had hoped that you could do more with your phone than just make calls and check email, a shift to the Pearl might be well worth it. The rest should buy it at your own risk of addiction.

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