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Spain: Innovation matters

European union has launched the 2007 European Innovation scoreboard. http://www.proinno-europe.eu/index.c…&pare ntID=51
According to the report, Spain’s overall innovation performance places it in the group of “moderate innovators”. Other EU countries in this group and with a similar level of performance are Estonia, the Czech Republic, Slovenia, Italy and Cyprus. The trend in Spain’s innovation performance has been about the same as the EU average trend over the last five years.
Within the five dimensions of innovation performance, Spain performs relatively well on Innovation drivers where it is close to the EU average and has an above average performance on two indicators: Population with tertiary education and Participation in life-long learning. It is relatively weak in the dimension of Innovation & entrepreneurship with a particularly low level on the indicator of Innovation expenditures. The analysis of innovation efficiency shows that it is above average in transforming innovation inputs into Intellectual property outputs but below average in transforming such inputs into Applications.